The following were done for educational purpose at Northwestern University. 


paint brushes, 2017 

An experimental project which was done by blending American painter, Edward Hopper's images and Indian-Canadian poet Rupi Kaur's words. 

Priyankar does not own the right for either the words or the images. He simply owns Photoshop. 

Morning-sun- 2.gif
Edward-Hopper-US- 2.gif

The Superhero Project, 2017

The Superhero Project was an interactive web art installation designed to make strangers in the room do good for one another.  Random participants were asked to type a superhero name based on which they were assigned a task. Tasks were to be simple and in some way, involve doing good to other strangers in the room. 

Video grabs from Priyankar's favorite superhero moments from the big screen were used. 

Request an artist statement for more information. 

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